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Iowa Title Guaranty Commercial

Protecting Your Commercial Property

Iowa Title Guaranty Commercial (ITG Commercial) provides prompt and cost-effective title coverage and professional services to commercial owners, lenders and investors. ITG Commercial operates as a one-stop shop to obtain title coverage as well as escrow and settlement services.

ITG Commercial’s mission is to provide low-cost title coverage. All revenue in excess of operating expenses is reinvested back into local Iowa communities through affordable housing programs.


  • Owner, Lender and Investor Coverage

    ITG Commercial offers owners, lenders and investors prompt and cost-effective title coverage. ITG Commercial’s underwriting attorneys and professional staff possess Iowa-specific real estate experience and title knowledge unsurpassed by out-of-state title underwriters. Owners, lenders and investors can rest assured that Iowa properties covered by ITG Commercial are protected from unforeseen title issues.

    ITG Commercial uses industry standard ALTA forms to provide the desired level of title coverage. No transaction is too big or too small. Whether you are seeking coverage on $300,000 farm ground or an $18 million commercial development project, ITG Commercial is here to help.

  • Closing and Settlement Services

    ITG Commercial is unique in that each commercial real estate closing is handled by an attorney, which provides the added security and confidence that the transaction will be smooth and error free. As a neutral third-party, ITG Commercial prepares a settlement statement for each closing that reflects the intentions of the seller, buyer, and lenders for payments and reimbursements to vendors.

  • Construction Draws and Disbursements

    Construction financing is often a complex process involving numerous parties and various moving parts. Often, construction financing is handled in phases, known as draws. ITG Commercial manages construction draws and disbursements to ensure no unexpected liens appear on title to the property during the construction project.

    During the construction loan disbursement process, ITG Commercial coordinates funding with the lender and disburses funds to the interested contractors, materialmen and suppliers in exchange for signed documentation evidencing no mechanic’s liens will be filed against the property. ITG reviews the required documentation, including but not limited to, the General Contractor’s Sworn Statement and lien waivers, and obtains an updated title report evidencing clear title prior to approving and disbursing each draw.

Application Process

All commercial commitments and certificates are prepared by the ITG Commercial team. ITG Commercial issues commitments and certificates in reliance on an abstract continuation prepared by an ITG participating abstractor and a title opinion rendered by an ITG participating attorney. A title opinion must be uploaded with all application submissions.

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