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Aftercare Rent Subsidy Program

Helping with the Transition

IMPORTANT: The Aftercare Rent Subsidy Program will end effective June 30, 2024. Please contact an aftercare representative at with questions about housing support for foster care alumni.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Aftercare Services Participant.

    The youth must be an active participant in aftercare services, making progress toward an identified goal of obtaining or maintaining stable housing. The youth must have left foster care on or after his/her 18th birthday.

  • Demonstrated Need.

    That they cannot obtain other rental assistance because they have been determined ineligible or are on a waiting list for rent subsidy under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or any other available rent subsidy program, or because a waiting list for the HUD rent subsidy program or any other rent subsidy program is closed.

    This program may not be used to substitute for any other subsidy that the youth had been receiving at the time of or immediately prior to the time of application to this program.

    Youth receiving rental assistance at the time of or immediately prior to the time of application to this program shall not be eligible.

    The youth must provide evidence that the youth is responsible for paying more than 30 percent of the youth’s gross earned and unearned income for rent.

  • Education on Renter Rights and Responsibilities.

    To demonstrate that the youth understands the rights and responsibilities of being a renter, the youth must have either lived in a transitional apartment (through the Aftercare Services Transitional Apartment program), completed a renter education and awareness program, be enrolled to participate or be currently participating in a renter education and awareness program.

  • Budget.

    The youth must submit a budget that demonstrates that the subsidy, when combined with their gross earned and unearned income, will enable them to cover all remaining living expenses (i.e., housing, utilities, clothing and food).

  • Lease.

    The youth must submit a current lease agreement between the youth and the landlord. The lease must state the rental address, monthly rent, terms of lease and the effective date of the agreement.

Application Process

The self-sufficiency advocate must submit an online application to the Iowa Finance Authority on behalf of eligible youth.

The following should be sent via email:

For inquiries about aftercare rent subsidies reach out to:

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