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Iowa Profile Demo Webinar

  • Iowa Finance Authority (IFA), Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA)
  • Des Moines, IA
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Join the Iowa Finance Authority (IFA), Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) and mySidewalk for a comprehensive demo of the new Iowa Profile data tool.


The state’s first of its kind tool provides customized reports and enables comparisons with other like regions, empowering community and state leaders to make informed decisions based on regularly updated data from diverse sources.

The Iowa Profile features five dashboard topics, customizable to county, city, zip code, census tract and state dashboards. The Iowa Profile is available at:



  • Uncover key insights into the people that call our communities home.

Quality of Life

  • Delve into the crucial elements shaping the well-being of Iowans and our communities.


  • Explore regional housing landscapes and identify unmet housing needs and priorities.


  • Explore data on the amount and types of jobs as well as details on the local labor force, average commute times and more.

Housing Forecast (State and county only)

  • Explore the projected demand for homes based on housing type and income by 2030.


About mySidewalk

mySidewalk is a community data platform fueled by the idea that data is for everyone, not just the experts. Our comprehensive data library and storytelling solutions increase efficiency, simplify data visualization and unlock insights so changemakers can build stronger communities. Learn more at

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