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Asset Management Portal Instructions

Asset Management Portal

Here to Serve you with A Simple Asset Management Solution

This web-based system allows for the efficient collection of occupancy and financial data and is a benefit to both property managers and owners as well as the Iowa Finance Authority.

Who Must Use The Portal

  • All projects, including non-LIHTC projects with IFA Multifamily or HOME loans.

Occupancy Data Requirements

  • Occupancy data reporting is required from all projects, including non-LIHTC projects with IFA Multifamily or HOME loans.

  • For each month, enter the total number of units occupied on the last day of the month.

  • Data should be entered within 30 days of the end of each quarter.

  • The occupancy data page records monthly project occupancy.

Financial Data Requirements

  • Financial data and audit submissions are required for all projects with IFA Multifamily or HOME loans. It is also required for all LIHTC projects awarded after 1998.

  • The financial data page has 9 fields to be completed annually.

  • The financial data should be taken directly from the project’s annual audited financial statement.

System Benefits

  • Allows property owners and managers to upload occupancy and financial data for reporting.

  • Builds a framework for identifying risks/issues early.

  • Provides useful knowledge of other related IFA functions (like the LIHTC

  • Qualified Allocation Plan) and identifies factors contributing to successful projects.

  • Ability to submit annual rental approval documentation for HOME projects.

System Information

The asset management portal uses the same username and password as your Certification Online (COL) account. Once you log in, you will see the list of projects assigned to your COL account.

For inquiries about the Asset Management Portal, reach out to:

Tim Morlan

Derek Folden

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