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Shelter Assistance Fund

Help with the Most Basic of Needs

The Shelter Assistance Fund is a state-funded program that supports the costs and operations of homeless and domestic violence shelters.

Eligible Applicants

  • Local governments

  • Nonprofit service agencies

Eligible Projects

  • Homelessness and domestic violence shelter operations

  • Essential services for the homeless

  • Evaluation and reporting of services for the homeless

Application Process

  • Periodic competitive application

  • May be a combined application with Emergency Solutions Grant and Shelter Assistance Fund programs

How to Access Help

Please note that individuals may not apply directly to the Iowa Finance Authority for assistance. If you are experiencing homelessness or are at-risk of becoming homeless, we encourage you to reach out to a service agency in your area to see what assistance may be available to you. Visit House Iowa or call (833) 739-0065 for additional information.

For inquiries about this program, reach out to:

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