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Owner Coverage

Protecting Titles. Protecting You.

Iowa Title Guaranty owner coverage provides assurance to owners that their property interest is free from certain title defects, liens and encumbrances, as defined by the terms and conditions of the certificate. The owner certificate protects owners from potential financial losses associated with the covered risks.

A title defect refers to any error, omission, or other complication that precludes the sale of the property, including but not limited to the following:

• Undisclosed liens
• Defective legal descriptions
• Document and execution errors
• Mistakes in searching the public records
• Fraud and forgery
• Paid, but unreleased mortgages

In the event a covered title defect is discovered, Iowa Title Guaranty will work with the owner to resolve the issue. As Iowa’s title coverage provider, Iowa Title Guaranty operates as a title underwriter and maintains reserves to pay covered claims.

How to Obtain Coverage

Title issues do not happen often, but you will be glad you are covered if they do.

  • Tell your real estate professional and your lender that you would like Iowa Title Guaranty owner coverage.

  • If your lender is obtaining Iowa Title Guaranty lender coverage, request that owner coverage be added to the lender commitment.

  • If your lender is not obtaining lender coverage or if you seek owner coverage on a cash transaction (you are not obtaining financing), please complete an application here.


  • How much does an owner certificate cost?

    Iowa Title Guaranty offers the most cost-effective owner coverage across the country. Unlike private title insurance companies that determine fees based on a percentage of your purchase price, Iowa Title Guaranty provides residential owner coverage up to $750,000 for a flat rate of $175.00. Coverage over $750,000 is calculated at $1 per $1,000. See our residential fee schedule for further information.

    BUT WAIT, IT GETS BETTER. Iowa Title Guaranty offers FREE residential owner coverage up to $750,000 if your lender simultaneously obtains coverage. Lenders often obtain Iowa Title Guaranty coverage to allow them to sell their loans on the secondary market. You should consult with your lender to determine if they are obtaining Iowa Title Guaranty lender coverage. You may qualify for a free owner certificate!

  • Does owner coverage expire?

    No. An owner certificate remains valid so long as the owner’s interest remains unchanged. The protection afforded by the owner certificate terminates upon sale or other conveyance of owner’s the property interest.

  • Am I required to obtain a new owner certificate if I refinance?

    No. If you already have owner coverage, your existing owner certificate remains effective even if you refinance.

For questions pertaining to owner coverage, please contact:

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