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Enjoying the Sweet Life

Rental Success Stories

Richard and Winne Viertel have been married for quite some time and when it came time to downsize, they had one place in mind, Applewood IV apartments in Dubuque. They had admired the complex for awhile and were lucky enough to sneak in and get one of the last remaining vacancies. They absolutely love their new place, it gives them the space that they want… and need, as well as a sense of community with other residents.

Richard and Winne describe their apartment as being full of light, having a nice patio and being in good proximity to the grocery store. Richard explains that he and his wife are at a point in their life where they can stop and smell the roses, and they love it. The couple is happy to have such a wonderful place to live that is not only affordable but allows them to just enjoy the scenery around them.

Winne and Richard Viertel