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Light at the End of the Tunnel

Homelessness Success Stories

Chiquita Rollins has been bouncing around from state to state since she was 15 years old, just trying to make it. When Chiquita, her five kids and her husband Joshua ended up in Cedar Rapids they finally found the help they had been searching for. They had been staying in a hotel and running out of money when they decided to turn to a shelter for help.

When the shelter did not have the space for all seven of them, they were introduced to a rapid rehousing program that gave them a place of their very own. A place that had room for their entire family. Joshua and Chiquita both explain that things have been rocky but with the help of Waypoint Services and Helping Hands they have been able to come out of a hole gradually and will be able to provide their kids with a better life.

They have found more than a place to live, Chiquita explained, they found a sense of community and friendship, people they can call on if they need anything, even just someone to talk to. Joshua and Chiquita have high hopes for the future, they want to keep moving forward not only for themselves but for their kids.

Chiquita Rollins and Joshua Johnson
Cedar Rapids