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Proud Partner

ITG Success Stories

Tim Gartin of Hastings, Gartin & Boettger LLP in Ames is a proud partner and supporter of Iowa Title Guaranty (ITG). He says Iowa Title Guaranty has been a fantastic partner.

Tim has had the opportunity to look at settlement statements for transactions that have been done outside the state of Iowa and he can see what other title companies charge for their services. He says that in Iowa we have the best of both worlds. We have the lowest price for tile work and the cleanest title. Tim gives ITG all the credit, saying both of those would not be possible without Iowa Title Guaranty.

In the title process there is a great deal of focus on protecting the lender, Tim explains, but Iowa Title Guaranty is there for the homeowner too. ITG is the one who will protect homeowners if the abstractor or examining attorney make a mistake. Tim says he is not sure if Iowans really appreciate it, but he thinks it is a terrific part of the program.

Another reason Tim is proud to work with Iowa Title Guaranty is because of the excess revenues stay in Iowa. The dollars stay here and go toward affordable housing. He cannot stress enough the benefits of Iowa Title Guaranty and how proud he is to be a partner.

Tim Gartin, Attorney