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Providing Quality Water to Communities

Success Stories

The City of Johnston has used the State Revolving Fund (SRF) to move several critically needed water quality projects forward. Matt Greiner, Public Works Director, credits the State Revolving Fund for allowing the City to make much need improvements at a lower cost.

One project that the City of Johnston was able to do with the help of SRF was the Green Meadows West Channel Stabilization project. The drainage way that drains right through the Green Meadow West neighborhood was experiencing significant erosion in the channel. Not only was the city concerned about people’s yards, but they were concerned about the sanitary sewer that runs parallel to the channel washing out. With this project, they were able to protect the sewer line and residents were able to reclaim parts of their backyards.

Initially, the State Revolving Fund Planning & Design Loan was used, helping them get through the engineering and permitting processes. After that stage was complete the City then rolled the project into a construction loan that allowed them to finance the rest of the project.

David Wilwerding, Community Development Director, explains that the process and application was easy and the staff was always really great at answering questions and helping throughout the process. Ultimately because of the low-interest rate the City will save a lot of money with the financing of this project.

Matt Greiner, Public Works Director and David Wilwerding, Community Development
City of Johnston