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Iowa Housing Recovery Resources

Statewide COVID-19 Resources

General Assistance (8)
Business Resources (1)
Employment Assistance (2)
Food Assistance (5)
Housing Assistance (6)
Legal Assistance (6)
Local Assistance Programs (3)
Mental Health Resources (3)
Utility Assistance (1)
Weather/Disaster Assistance (5)

COVID-19 Resources for IFA Programs

Homelessness Program (8)

Statewide and National Resources

Rental Housing (10)

As of this date, the IFA Compliance Team does not have any official guidance from the IRS regarding alternative procedures to put into place during the pandemic. The guidance given in the notices below applies to Iowa properties only.

Homeownership (6)
Section 8 (1)
Iowa Title Guaranty (12)

Iowa Title Guaranty continues to monitor the COVID-19 virus and its impact on our participants, industry partners and staff. ITG is committed to providing timely updates as to any new policy changes as this rapidly evolving pandemic unfolds.