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State Revolving Fund Water Quality Programs

We’ve Assisted 600 Iowa Communities and Counting

The Iowa Finance Authority and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources jointly administer the State Revolving Fund (SRF). More than 600 Iowa communities and municipalities have recognized the SRF as a great choice to finance the design and construction of quality drinking water and wastewater infrastructure. Thousands of Iowa landowners, livestock producers and homeowners have also benefited from the SRF’s unique affordable financing programs The following programs are offered through the SRF. Detailed information is available at

Water Quality Programs

Clean Water Construction Loan

Clean water construction loans assist in financing wastewater treatment, sewer rehabilitation and storm water quality improvements.

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Drinking Water Construction Loan

Drinking water construction loans assist in financing water treatment plants or improvements to existing facilities, water line extensions to existing unserved properties, water storage facilities, wells and source water protection efforts.

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Planning and Design Loan

The planning and design loan program is the first choice for many Iowa communities in the early stages of building or repairing water infrastructure facilities. The program offers zero percent interest with no payments for up to three years.

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General Nonpoint Source Program

This program assists water quality efforts through low-interest loans. Qualified projects include: restoration of wildlife habitat, stream bank stabilization, urban stormwater management, remediation of storage tanks, water conservation and reuse, and wetland flood prevention areas. Low-interest loans can also be made for the water quality components of other projects, such as municipal landfill closure, brownfield remediation, bird sanctuaries and urban stormwater.

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Water Quality Financing Program

This revolving loan fund provides financial assistance to projects that improve water quality with a higher prioritization to collaborative efforts.

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Wastewater & Drinking Water Treatment Financial Assistance Fund

Grants are awarded annually and used for improvements to wastewater and drinking water treatment facilities, including source water protection projects.

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Homeowners and Landowners

On-Site Wastewater Assistance Program (OSWAP)

OSWAP provides assistance to Iowa homeowners not served by a public sewer. Homeowners work with their county sanitarian and then obtain a low-interest loan through a participating lender for the replacement of inadequate or failing septic systems. All septic systems, regardless of when they were installed, must have a secondary wastewater treatment system following the septic tank.

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Livestock Water Quality Program

This program offers low-interest loans through participating lenders to Iowa livestock producers for projects that prevent, minimize or eliminate nonpoint source pollution of Iowa’s rivers and streams from animal feeding operations. Assistance is limited to existing facilities for animal feeding operations with less than 1,000 total animal units. Types of eligible projects include lagoons, manure management structures, equipment, vegetative filters and the development of manure management plans.

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Local Water Protection Program

The local water protection program offers low-interest loans through participating lenders to Iowa landowners for projects that control the runoff of sediment, nutrients, pesticides or other nonpoint source pollutants from entering Iowa waters. Types of eligible projects include composting facilities, contour buffer strips, field borders or windbreaks, filter strips, riparian forest buffers, terraces, grade stabilization structures, grassed waterways or other practices that are shown to improve or protect water quality.

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Stormwater Loan Program

The stormwater loan program offers low-interest loans through participating lenders for projects that control stormwater runoff. Projects range from soil quality restoration, native landscaping, detention basin, ponds or wetland systems, grassed waterways or other practices that are shown to improve or protect water quality.

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For inquiries about water quality programs reach out to:

Water Infrastructure Fund

The Water Infrastructure Fund will make investments to support innovative projects across the state with the goal of protecting, preserving and restoring Iowa’s water resources.

Project Categories Include:

  • Economically Significant Projects
  • Watershed Protection Projects
  • Industrial Water Reuse Projects (Pilot)
  • Wastewater Infrastructure for Unsewered Communities
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