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Homelessness Programs

Helping Iowans Find their Way Home

Sometimes, life takes an unexpected turn. People face hardships and turn toward their communities for support. When that happens, a little help can make a world of a difference. We're proud to help Iowans in need get back on their feet.

Homeless Service Agency Programs

Service agencies are on the front lines of supporting Iowans and we’re proud to support them through a variety of programs.

Connect with Resources

Experiencing or At-Risk of Homelessness

Local resources exist to help Iowans in their time of need.

Find Your Way

Iowa Council on Homelessness

The Iowa Council on Homelessness works to identify issues, raise awareness and secures resources to help ensure all Iowans have access to safe and affordable housing.

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For inquiries about homeless programs, reach out to:

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Homelessness Assistance 107170
Iowans assisted in their time of need when facing homelessness.
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