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Our Impact

State Housing Trust Fund 25200
affordable homes made possible through State Housing Trust Fund investments
Iowa Title Guaranty 1351
participating attorneys, abstractors and independent closers
Agricultural Development Division 410790
acres purchased by beginning farmers after using IFA programs.
State Housing Trust Fund 159.6
in other funds have been leveraged through the State Housing Trust Fund.
Homeownership 5581
military service members and veterans became homeowners with our help.
Water Quality 2
Iowans benefited from the State Revolving Fund.
Housing Tax Credits 744
affordable housing properties built across the state of Iowa.
Iowa Title Guaranty 27.4
paid from Iowa Title Guaranty to Iowa participants, supporting local Iowa communities.
Agricultural Development Division 6667
beginning farmers received our assistance in getting their start.
Homelessness Assistance 92684
Iowans assisted in their time of need when facing homelessness.
Housing Tax Credits 29158
affordable homes using housing tax credits.
Iowa Title Guaranty 59.1
invested back into the Iowa affordable housing programs through Iowa Title Guaranty.
Water Quality 600
Iowa communities and counting benefited from the State Revolving Fund.
Homeownership 55325
homebuyers have received new keys thanks to IFA programs.