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Iowa Thriving Communities

It’s no secret that housing is the start for upward economic opportunity and that families, communities and businesses will thrive when all Iowans have access to homes they can afford.


Meeting the housing demands of our robust economy is going to require a strategic, proactive and innovative effort, including from Iowa communities and employers to ensure that all Iowans can afford and have the opportunity to live in the communities where they work.

This is why the Iowa Finance Authority (IFA) and Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) have introduced the second annual Iowa Thriving Communities designation to elevate best practices from communities that are going above and beyond to leverage innovative methods to attract housing opportunities for their workforce.

In its inaugural year, dozens of Iowa communities completed an intensive application process to be designated as an Iowa Thriving Community and 11 were awarded the prestigious designation and incentive points for the Federal Housing Tax Credit and/or Workforce Housing Tax Credit programs. Iowa Thriving Communities serve as models for other communities on both a statewide and national level in attracting housing development for all income levels.


A limited number of communities will be selected.


2025 Iowa Thriving Communities Timeline