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Iowa Title Guaranty Residential Programs

Your Title, Protected.

Iowa Title Guaranty is Iowa’s exclusive title coverage provider, offering lenders and owners low-cost title coverage for Iowa real property.

Lender Coverage

Iowa Title Guaranty provides assurance to a lender that the lender’s lien is valid and in the desired lien position. Iowa’s abstract and attorney title opinion system is thorough, but on rare occasions, title defects arise. Iowa Title Guaranty offers lender coverage to protect the lender’s interest from covered title defects.

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Owner Coverage

Owner coverage protects the owner’s interest in the title to a property and the owner from potential financial losses associated with the covered risks. Residential owner coverage is available on a variety of property types and is often available at no additional cost.

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Closing Protection Letters

Iowa Title Guaranty offers closing protection letters to indemnify lenders and owners against certain losses caused by an Iowa Title Guaranty closer’s mishandling of settlement funds or failure to follow closing instructions.

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Rapid Certificate Program

The Rapid Certificate Program offers field issuers the ability to issue Iowa Title Guaranty certificates, despite unreleased prior mortgages and liens that were paid at closing.

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Mortgage Release Certificate Program

The Mortgage Release Certificate Program provides a simple and inexpensive way to obtain a release of a mortgage that was paid in full, but improperly released or not released of record.

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